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Your 2023 VIP Perks

Ways To Earn VIP Points


A Simpler Point System

VIP points are being calculated in a simpler way. If you had existing Rewards points, we’ve converted them into VIP points, and you can redeem them for the same value (please see chart below). If you have an unused Rewards Code, it’s good until its original expiration date.

Same Value, Simpler Math

Zappos RewardsSpend $1, Earn 10 Points1000 points = $1 Code
Zappos VIPSpend $1, Earn 1 Point100 points = $1 Code

One Tier for Everyone

We removed tiers to create an easier, more rewarding program that allows all members to get the best perks! It’s our way of thanking customers like you for being a part of the Zappos family.

Were you in the previous Zappos VIP program? Read this!

Good news! You’re still getting FREE Expedited Shipping. But to get the all-new perks mentioned above, simply sign up for the new version of Zappos VIP—it’s FREE and easy to join! If you never officially joined Zappos Rewards, you still may have earned points that you'll receive if you join the all-new VIP program. We’ve converted them to VIP points, so you don’t miss out on anything! If you were in the previous VIP program and also in Zappos Rewards, you don’t need to do anything—you’re good to go!

Make Zappos (Emails) Your New BFF!